Core Values

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Most professionals within the dating & relationship sphere agree that mutual core values is one of the most important factors when vetting dates & significant others. However, Weaver is the first & only dating app to be predicated on them. Why? The tricky thing is that there is no single concrete list of everyone’s core values & the little amount of studies on them have been conducted within the last several years. We at Weaver have researched the most common reasons behind breakups & divorce, sifted through over 500 “get to know you” questions & compiled a list of values people most commonly prioritize to create our core values “Pillar Questions.”

The commonality of core values in a relationship makes up for more spontaneous decision making, more peaceful conflict resolution, and more efficient communication. One might say qualities essential to a relationship full of understanding, respect, and love.

Milica Markovic, Psychologist Coach MA (2021)

Being deliberate about whom you choose to date and how you move through life together are vitally important. Marriage as an institution, is strengthened when we use dating as means of carefully vetting relationships - Being clear and honest about your needs and asking the tough questions are critical functions of that process.

Kara Shade, PhD, CFLE, relationship educator and trained mediator

The Compatibility Myth

Personality & shared interests do not correlate with relationship satisfaction.

Over the past five years, a number of studies have been published effectively disproving personality & interest based compatibility.

At the outset of relationships, your own personality can account for 19% of differences. By contrast, a partner’s personality may only account for about 5% of that relationship satisfaction. Over time, the estimates become smaller…

Via a study pooling data from 43 separate studies and 11,196 couples who were interviewed at least twice

In either of the two studies using over 100 traits and preferences, they could not predict attraction to a specific person at all (<1%).

Dr. Samantha Joel, research professor who studies relationships, via her TEDx talk (2017)

Researchers found their results indicated that shared interests and similar personalities had little to no effect on relationship satisfaction.

Via a long-term survey of more than 2,500 heterosexual couples, married around 20 years (2019)

...measures of personality are incapable of truly predicting the length or success of a relationship.

Dr. John Gottman, founder of The Gottman Institute in Seattle

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