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We are seeking an experienced UX designer to join our team. As a UX designer, you will aim to craft innovative experiences through intuitive interfaces with the capability to be both a high-level product thinker and an in-the-weeds detailed interface designer. At Weaver, user experience is one of our top priorities. In order to make dating better for people, we must deliver a frictionless, intuitive, empathetic and delightful experience in tandem with their search for a relationship that can be a frustrating time for many.

You would report directly to the founder/CEO who acts as the current UXD.

  • Design elegant solutions that fundamentally change behavior and solve problems
  • Help form and create processes to facilitate a dynamic design culture where we support, challenge, and elevate each other’s work and skill.
  • Partner with founder to refine our vision, principles, process, and strategy
  • Create style guide for both design work and a reference guide for developers 
  • Stay up to date with research and studies on dating and relationships to expand our insight and evaluate our concepts
  • Generate a high-impact roadmap and viable features
  • Partner with data analyst to gain a deeper understanding of users and pain-points
  • Partner with engineering to develop robust and efficient solutions, and to bring them seamlessly to life in the real app experience
  • Create small-scale animations for interactions, user feedback and peaks of delight

What We're Looking For
  • An experienced UX/UI/Product Designer with 4+ years working experience
  • Proficient in Figma, preferrably 2+ years experience
  • Experience in Adobe Illustrator
  • Experience with cross-disciplinary collaborative work
  • Great verbal and visual communication skills
  • Highly empathetic
  • A desire to design solutions that fundamentally change behavior and solve problems, as opposed to features that are cool or flashy
  • Strong UI and interaction skills
  • Design eye that leans towards minimalism with peaks of delight
  • Proficient with low to high-fidelity mock-ups and prototyping
  • Preferred: Ability to create small-scale animations
  • Nice to have: experience working in a startup

Who We Are
Weaver is the only dating app based on core values that could make or break a relationship to match people based on what’s most important. Weaver alerts people to Red Flags & Deal Breakers of potential matches before the first message. Most professionals within the dating & relationship sphere agree that mutual core values is one of the most important factors when vetting dates & significant others. Through encouranging a greater focus on the truly important parts of people and less so on the superficial ones, we endeavor to facilitate better dating habits.

We’re a small start-up just getting our feet on the ground. Although this means our resources are little and risk is high; it also means a great amount of flexibility, having autonomy, starting in a senior leadership position and staying there as we mature and grow.

Our Core Values
  • Empathy - In order to understand others, we must first put ourselves in their shoes. Listen openly & often. Speak with care & never make assumptions.
  • Curiosity - There are always opportunities to learn & grow. Ask questions, keep your mind open & try on a new perspective.
  • Vulnerability - There is no courage without vulnerability. Creativity, taking risks, deeper connections & achieving greatly require stepping into vulnerability.