Tired of wasting time on people who you don’t align with? Weaver is the only dating app based on core values to find people who share what’s most important to you. Find your thread & start dating with Weaver!

Our Approach

Date smarter & more meaningfully.

Weaver’s core values approach to dating lets you find the right people for you. Weaver alerts you to red flags & deal breakers of potential matches before the first message. Research based, the core values Pillar Questions have been selectively composed to target only the most foundational & divisive values that are most often at the heart of breakups & divorces. Weaver is specifically designed to encourage more purposeful, substantial & thoughtful interactions.

Why Core Values?

Research shows that relationships built on shared values are much more likely to endure.

Also known as “sacred” values, core values are the guiding principles that dictate your behavior; your personal perspective, not only about yourself but about others & the world. Core values are the set standards by which you live your life & are most often responsible for determining the success or demise of a relationship.

  • Religion
  • Life Attitudes
  • Politics
  • Money
  • Emotionality

The more we agree on foundational values in a relationship, the smoother our approach to solving life challenges becomes.

Milica Markovic, Psychologist Coach MA

How It Works

Anything can be built on a foundation of shared core values.

This guiding principle determines the order in which you see people when dating! Those who most closely align with your core values will be who you see first in your dating queue. By setting your preferences you have the ability to get more specific with who you want to see in your dating pool. If someone who doesn’t exactly match your preferences shows up in your queue, it’s because they’ve already liked you.

Being a Weaver means dating intentionally.

When liking, you must pick something specific & then choose whether to send a message or not. No one’s excited by a generic “Hi, how are you?” Although it takes more time, liking & messaging about something specific allows for better conversations from the beginning.

We provide the tools you need for success.

Dig deeper with Pillar Breakdowns to see in detail how well your core values align with someone, send/receive a message request before matching & filter potential matches by filling out your preferences.


Weaver is available to download & sign-up now!

We launched, but are going live based on demand.
Meaning, everyone can & should sign-up now but only when the total sign-ups reach a high enough amount in a given area will we turn dating on & go live! Oh, & the first 2,000 people to sign-up get upgraded to Gold Thread status free for an entire year - meaning unlimited everything. If you want to help us go live faster, please share Weaver with your friends to spread the word! We're working on building awareness.

Upcoming version updates will include...

  • More Tapestry editing capabilities
  • Voice & video calling
  • More interactive chat messaging features
  • National discovery & travel mode for dating outside your home city

Work Opportunities

Work with us to help make dating better.

We look for people who are interested in dating/relationships & are into joining a small start up.

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